In English

This is the craftsblog of Simo Nousiainen. Valkoinen käsi means "the white hand". It seriously has nothing to do with Saruman from the Lord of the Rings - it's all about my family's coat of arms. The five stars symbolize different skills. Just a funny coincidense, my preciousss... My dear grandfather, Helmer Selin, designed our coat of arms. On his occasion the five are painting, heraldry, poetry, drawing and writing. For me the five stars are painting, drawing, forging, leatherworking and sewing. Or thats what I think at the moment.

On this blog I go through my projects. I do different medieval and fantasy-inspired stuff - clothes, armour, weapons and accesories. I will not make english versions of all my updates, but I definately will make of some, like the elven armour. If you are interested more in the fine arts, then go to my Deviant Art page, there should be some. Keep in touch, there'll be lot's of crafting to be told!