tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2012

Return of the Ring -special

Special post concerning the Return of the Ring-event in Loughborough, UK.

I confirm that White Hand Crafts (=me) will be at your service an the dealers' room in RotR. As it would be very hard to bring heavy equipment, like full gothic armor to locations from Finland, I will be offering mostly precious hand made jewellery and leathercrafts.

You will be able to pick your favorites from amulets, pendants, wristbands, keychains and phone covers, made from organic materials like reindeer or elk antler / bone and vegetable tanned leathers, including variety of fish leather.

I will update the RotR-sale page as I confirm the items that I'll make and bring along, so be sure to check it before the event. There will not be an endless inventory of goods, so the fast and determined ones will


If you desire to have a custom made antler necklace with your name (or the one's you love perhaps), written in Moria-runes, on it, act fast! Items will have to be paid on order and they will be made in Finland.
'Simo' written in cirth rune alphabets.

The basic model, as shown above, is yours for 25 €. It is handmade from finnish reindeer antler and the band is allergy-friendly, vegetable tanned reindeer leather. You won't get these on site, unless you pre-order! They're 100% organic, 100% finnish, 100% handmade and 100% awesome! Get your's now and click below.

Your name (max 8 chars)

If any problems occur and the products and me fail to reach UK, all orders will be shipped to customers for free, no questions asked. I'm a good guy finn and I keep my promises.

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